September 19, 2011

A Year Ago: Part 1

I still have it clear in my mind the days I was about to marry my loving, caring Spanish boyfriend (now husband). Since we come from different countries, we had to prepare various documents as the marriage registration documents; birth certificate, residence card, marriage-status certificate and other brain-destroying documents.

It was on Aug. 30 at 3.00 pm when I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport to pick up Antonio. We had to conduct an interview at the Spanish Embassy in order to get Antonio’s Letter of Impediment—and of course, to have our so-waited wedding.

It was the third time for Antonio to visit Indonesia. I was nervous—as usual—and I had that what-should-I-do-when-I-meet-him moment. There was a little misunderstanding with the hotel employee who was supposed to pick us up that caused me waiting for an hour before I finally saw Antonio. But when I finally saw him—unshaved and tired—all the nerves disappeared.

We picked Antonio’s family up the following day because they had different flight from Antonio. It was the first time I met my in-laws—though I had met and talked to them through webcam several times. They were nice and it seemed like we had known each other for so long. And—the best part—they gave me lost of chocolate. Yaaay!

The next morning, my in-laws went to Jogja while Antonio and I were having the interview. To be honest, it was the most ridiculous interview ever! The interviewer asked me weird questions, such as:

Interviewer (I) : Have you got any children?
Me (M)            : No.
I                    : Has Antonio got any children?
M                   : No.
I                    : Have you and Antonio got any children?
M                   : WHAT?? (Honestly, what kind of question was that??)

Weird, huh?

But well, we had to conduct that interview and the interviewer concluded that we were a real couple, not a money-based couple or such. Too bad, we needed this interview just to make him—the interviewer—really see that we were, indeed, a valid couple.

The bad part came when we were informed that the Letter of Impediment would be available in one month. A MONTH?? And we had the wedding in two weeks?? How was that going to happen?? Theoretically, we couldn’t have got married in two weeks because we need that letter as one of the marriage registration documents.

Then, how did we make it??

To be continued.

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