September 20, 2011

A Year Ago: Part 2

Exactly 2 weeks before the wedding: registration documents were incomplete. We needed Antonio’s Impediment Letter. DANG!

We safely arrived at Jogja after spending eight hours in train. We were both tired and disappointed. I took Antonio to the hotel so that he could have some rest and be with his family. I was extremely desperate; how could I make the wedding happen? In 2 weeks. Without the most compulsory document!

The catering venue had been booked.
The makeup and hairstylist had been booked.
The decoration venue had been booked.

I felt like my head was about to blow out.

As soon as I arrived home, I took my motorcycle out and directly went to KUA (Religious Affairs Office). I met the Head of the office and explained my situation. I was worried if he would say that I had to reset another date, but all my worries flew away when he said it wouldn’t be a problem at all.

He said that I could still have the wedding done on Sep. 14, as planned, but it would merely be an ‘informal’ wedding. As soon as I completed the documents, we would then get our marriage books; thus, we would have another ‘formal’ wedding. So, we actually had two weeding dates; Sep. 14—the ‘informal’ (but it’s the real wedding day for us)—and Oct. 21—the ‘formal’ wedding, as written on the marriage books.

So, everything was under control and things went smoothly as they were supposed to be. On Sep. 14, I married my best friend, the one I share all my life with and the one I would spend the rest of my life with. We celebrated the wedding with close relatives and friends, and we were all covered with happiness and love.

The Spanish Embassy finally informed us to get the Letter of Impediment (after 1.5 months!). We took it to KUA and registered our ‘formal’ wedding. We chose Oct. 21 as the date because, well, there was no specific reason, actually. I just love everything related to number 7 (7x3=21; that’s why!).

But then, Antonio had to return to Spain, again, without me. I still had to make my Family Reunion Visa before I could finally go to Spain and be with him. I hated being separated once again, but I didn’t have any choice. There was one thing that made me a lot stronger: the possibility that it would be a short good-bye, that we would finally be together. Soon.

To be continued.

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