September 22, 2011

A Year Ago: Part 3 (End)

We happily got married and everything was perfect, until that good-bye came along. I wished there wouldn’t have to be a good-bye, but I knew I had to wait. Again.

I went through my days like usual, though something was missing and I knew exactly what it was: my husband. We did what we always did before getting married; chat all day and Skype talk. It wasn’t the same as having him next to me for real, but it was certainly better than not having him at all.

To make a Family Reunion Visa, I needed Antonio’s certificado de empadronamiento; a certificate that states where he lives. It took quite some time because he had to change his home-address. But I waited impatiently, knowing that I’d be with him soon.

Meanwhile, I prepared everything I would need for my moving to Spain. I bought several medications, winter clothes (though they’re not warm at all), some food (especially chilies) and several gifts for Antonio’s family. I hung out with my friends often, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to get crazy with them like I used to have. I spent my time at home in my room, knowing that I would miss everything I had there. I ate lots of Indonesian food because I would hardly eat them in Spain. And for sure, I spent my days with my father, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to accompany him.

Surprisingly, Antonio finally said it, that he had the document ready and I could go to the Embassy to apply for the visa and go to Spain. I was excited, happy, but sad at the same time. I would leave everything I have and everyone I know. But being with Antonio was everything I had ever wanted; I chose it.

As soon as I had all my visa requirement documents ready, I went to the Spanish Embassy in Jakarta. The visa employee first told me that my visa would be ready in a week. Yet, when I was on the way to the airport, he called me and said that I could get my visa already! That was unbelievable! My visa was ready in few hours!

February 11 was the day I went to Spain. I had every important stuff with me: Antonio bear (my doll), my academic certificates, few clothes and—of course—a bottle of chili sauce. My brother and best friends took me to the airport, while my father stayed at home. It was hard to say good-bye to my father, but I believe he would be just fine.

My whole-life dream finally came true. I was thrilled, happy, and nervous—you name it. I knew things were going to be a lot better for us; no more distance, no more good-bye.

Life had never been this good.

The end.

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