October 21, 2011

Manifesting Your Desire

Perhaps some of you have noticed that I am a fanatic fan of Law of Attraction. In fact, this law has successfully brought the things I desire in my life, say, the love of my life, the money I need, the job I want… everything! So for you who would like to ‘try’ this law to get the things you desire, here is my guidance:

Step 1: State what you desire
Your first step is merely to ask. However, instead of using the word ‘I want’, use the Present Continuous Form of it. For example, don’t say “I want success” yet say “Success is coming to me.”

Step 2: Be grateful for it
Gratitude is the most important element of your manifestation. I myself have a Gratitude Journal that I write every day. In this journal, I write the things I am grateful for the day AND the ‘unseen’ things I desire, as if they are already mine.

Step 3: Visualize it
This is my favourite part! I love visualizing my desire. I even do it all the time! If visualization is new for you, you can take 10 minutes of your day, every day, to visualize. Really feel that desire is coming to you. Play it in your mind. What do you feel when you have already got it? Really feel it.

Step 4: Feel happy
Feeling happy is essential. Thus, if you find yourself feeling low—sad, angry, and disappointed—quickly change them with happiness. Perhaps some of you wonder, “How can I be happy if my boyfriend has just dumped me?” Well, I always earn my happy feeling with gratitude. So, whenever I feel sad, I grab my Gratitude Journal and write all the things I am grateful for. Remember, there is always something to be grateful for.

Step 5: Have faith
Without faith, these steps will be nothing. Believe it with all you heart that you have what you desire. Believe that you can have or be whatever you want to have or be. Get rid of worries and doubts; they bring you nowhere.

Step 6: Release it
This is the need-to-work-hard part. Why? Because, how can you release what you desire if you have it in your mind for 24 hours a day? I questioned that myself, too. Until suddenly I got the point: don’t expect anything, because you have it already. See, why do you need to worry about it if you have already had it?

Those are the steps I do when I manifest my desire. They work like magic! Remember, you can create your own life; thus, you have the power within you.

Good luck!

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