October 30, 2011

The (Why-Is-It-So-Difficult-to-Write) Message

I have been annoyed for several days. The main problem lies in my Facebook’s Friend Request. If you happen to check my Facebook page out, you will read—clearly read—what you need to do before adding me as a friend. I wrote: anyone wanting to add me as a friend HAS TO LEAVE A MESSAGE in my Facebook OR his/her friend request will be IGNORED.

Guess what?

Most of them, who add me as a friend, DON’T LEAVE A MESSAGE!

How hard is it to write me an introductory message, anyway? For me, it’s a lot more polite to leave the one whom you add a friend a message when you add that person. By doing so, that person will know who you really are (even if you have tons of mutual friends with that person), where and how you know that person, and why you add that person as a friend.

See, Facebook for me is not a means for collecting friends (or fans, if I have any). Facebook for me is a means for engaging relationship and communication with my relatives or close friends. That’s why, even if someone is in my friends list yet that person hardly communicates with me, I will undoubtedly delete him/her. I don’t mean to be rude or to act famous, but hey! I am not that kind of person who has more than a thousand friends on Facebook but rarely speaks to them.

So, as written on my Facebook introductory page, I will definitely ignore those who add me as a friend without leaving a message. I’ve warned them before! Thus, if you don't want to be one of those ignored people, please DO leave a message. I will greatly appreciate that.

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