November 28, 2011

What Are Friends Really for?

Two weeks ago I deactivated my Facebook, and I felt so much happier ever since. Well, let’s just say I am a bit tired of Facebook. I mean, people sometimes write ‘weird’ things; when they fight with their partner, when they are depressed, when they bought a new mobile phone, when they went to vacation, they write all of them on their Wall. Maybe they just want to share, it’s understandable. But well, I honestly prefer reading inspiring thoughts or words to complaints. Also, I sometimes think that the friendship they have on Facebook isn’t real. I mean, they can be nice to other people on Facebook but they can also stab them on the back when they talk about a particular person to someone else. Or when someone is mad at a particular person, he/she will ‘express’ the anger on his/her Wall and everyone knows that.

I want to make friends with those who really want to be my friends. I am annoyed with those who contact me when they only need my help and forget me most of the time. It’s so weird, I guess, being friends with people only when you need them the most.

My friend once told me, “No matter how many new friends you’ve got, don’t forget your old friends because they are the ones who know you best.” I agree with that statement. And well, I am asking here the most common questions people ask, “What are friends really for?” Collection? Helper? People with whom you share your secrets? I guess the answer depends on each individual.

I’ll be honest, I don’t have many friends. And I’m absolutely fine with it. I prefer having few good friends to lots of ‘just’ friends. You know what I mean? I want to befriend with those who can rely on me, who communicate with me even when they don’t need something from me, who understand my craziness and weirdness and are okay with them, who can laugh with me for no reasons, who can be the person they really are, and who don’t disappear when I need them the most. And that is what friends are for, to me.

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