December 29, 2011

Being Famous

Do you want to be famous?

I do. I want to be famous. Yet, I want to be famous not by being a celebrity. Don’t get me wrong. I respect those celebrities even though most of the world’s most famous celebrities are American (don’t know why, perhaps because Hollywood is in America). Yet, only few of them are native American celebrities (I recently found out that Cameron Diaz is one of them—the native American).

I want to be famous by being a writer; a great one, like Paulo Coelho, for instance. I want to be one of the most famous women in history whose names are remembered through decades and centuries.

For some reasons, I want to be a novelist. I want to write inspiring novels like Paulo Coelho, or creative novels like J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer, or even smart and intelligent novels like Arthur Conan Doyle with his Sherlock Holmes or Gosho Aoyama with his Detective Conan. I believe it would be great if I could write those kinds of novels.

Anyway, this all-about-being-famous thing doesn’t bother me much. Though I do want to be famous, I don’t focus on that matter as if it is my life priority. Well yes, I want to write best-seller novels, but I am going to write them for fun, not because I have to. Who knows that in the future I will be one of the world’s most famous volleyball players in history (like I can play volleyball, ha!).

Do you know that Jack the Ripper, who I recently saw in one of Detective Conan’s movie, is actually one of the most famous murder in history? And do you know that two Indonesian volcanoes are included in the most famous volcanoes in the world?
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