December 27, 2011

Insomnia oh Insomnia

Have you ever suffered from insomnia?

I have. Well, I don’t have insomnia every night though. You see, I will always have insomnia—when I will not be able sleep even though I have counted 1000 sheep—whenever I have something in mind that bothers me. I started to realize that I do have this sleeping problem back when I was facing my final examination in junior high school.

I had to finish a 7-hour transcription and translation few days ago and this unforgivable insomnia attacked me once again. I had intended to have some relaxed moment after working by watching a movie, but still I wouldn’t be able to sleep. The suffering would be the next morning when I had to force myself to get up from bed and worked (not to mention, with deep black holes under my eyes).

I checked some facts about sleep in some websites just few hours ago to get the solution for this problem. I found out that people sometimes suffer from insomnia when they are stressed (that’s explain my condition!) and most of the time, the only solution to get rid of this insomnia is by solving the problem (like I know how to solve it!).

And well, I am not the only person who has a sleeping problem in this house. Most of my family members snore when they sleep (thank God, I don’t). My uncles even snore like a lion! My husband snores, too, but he only snores when he’s worked too much or when he seems to be very tired. But that’s not the problem he has. At first I thought he suffers from sleep apnea; a condition where you stop breathing during sleep, because he opens his mouth when he’s sleeping and he breathes through his mouth. When I asked him about this “habit”, he told me that he couldn’t breathe through his nose because he believed that he had small nose holes. Not a good reason, I guess.

Anyway, let’s go back to my insomnia. Whenever I believe I will have insomnia, I try to minimize it by inducing sleep. And what do I do to induce sleep? It’s simple; I drink a glass of hot milk. I watched it on a cartoon series (I think it’s Crayon Shin Chan). So if we want to sleep well, we should drink a glass of hot milk before sleeping. I try this way almost every time I have insomnia, it works for me just like. Ah, just add a teaspoon of honey if you want. It will not only make you sleep better, but it will also get rid of your tiredness. Try it!

One more thing; my sister-in-law used to tell me to wear comfortable sleep wear when we sleep (that was when we discussed about proper sleep wear for children. I don’t even have a child yet!) so that we can breathe easily (she told me not to lay my body to the left because that’s where my heart is). I follow her advice and I try to wear comfortable sleep wear as well (my best choice is pajamas, with a picture of a Teddy Bear on it).

Well, as an insomnia expert (ha!), I suggest you to take this advice:
  • Drink a glass of hot milk (with honey) before sleep
  • Wear comfortable sleep wear (some people even think that sleeping naked is comfortable)
  • Lock any hard thoughts in a drawer (literally)
  • Pray
The last one is too religious, I know.

So, hope you have good luck with your insomnia. Hopefully I do, too. 

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