December 27, 2011

Living the Quotations

Paulo Coelho once said in his book entitled The Alchemist:

If you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

I put that inspiring quote in my heart. That quote is the one that guides me through all these years. I knew The Alchemist in 2005 and I couldn’t put that book down when I started to read it. It was so inspiring, so full of wisdom and somehow, I feel that the book was written specially for me. I am a dreamer and that quote makes me able to face the failure. It teaches me that even if I fail in getting or being something I want, I should never give up. I should try again and again and again.

I have been a huge fan of Paulo Coelho’s quotations ever since (and other aspirations quotes as well). I found those quotes inspiring as if they were written to answer my unsolved questions about life, about love, about friendship or about wisdom.

People say, we will become a poet all of a sudden when we fall in love; that’s what happened to me when I first my husband. Perhaps some of you have already known that my husband and I went through a long distance relationship before we got married and that we met through the net. I remember when he asked me, “Why do you love me?” and I said, “I love you for no reason.” The only reason why I came up with that answer is what I once read in The Alchemist.

One is loved because one is loved. No reason needed for loving.

And yes, for sure, I have a lot of love and romance quotes back then when we were separated by the distance. Although most of them are about love someone in the distance, let me share some of them with you:

A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it’s you and me. Together forever and never apart. Maybe in distance, but never in heart. [anonymous] 

If the only place where I could see you was in my dreams, I’d sleep forever. [anonymous] 

I may not get to see you as often as I like. I may not get to hold you in my arms all through the night. But deep in my heart I truly know; you’re the one that I love and I can’t let you go. [anonymous]

Yeah, I was being too poetic, hehe…

But well, I think I’ve become wiser for the past few years. Thanks to the various quotations that have taught me so much about life. I love reading knowledge quotes, especially knowledge about life, and I do really take them seriously in my life. Most of that knowledge teaches me to keep believing in my dream and they are so powerful that whenever I read them, I gain my spirit back.

I believe in the sun even if it is not shining. I believe in love where feeling is not. I believe in God even if He is silent. [anonymous] 

Life is about laughing and living in good and bad times, getting through whatever comes our way and looking back with a smile. [anonymous]

Those are some of my favorite quotes. It’s always good to think about what the quotes say when you feel that you are about to give up, because sometimes, the answers you are looking for is in those quotes.

Happy quoting! 

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