December 28, 2011

My Top 5 Japanese Anime

I love cartoons and anime. When I was young, I always spent my evenings watching my favorite anime on TV. There were various anime, say, Candy Candy (this was my mother’s favorite), Magic Girls (Kikin and I always imitated the main characters), Saint Saiya (this is a classic one), Dragon Balls (I used to like it) and many others.

Yet, I do have my lifetime favorite anime. I love them because they are funny, inspiring and… handsome (the characters, I mean). Hahaha…

So, here are my top 5 Japanese anime:

#5: Captain Tsubasa
Captain Tsubasa was first famous during the World Cup 2002. I love it because it inspires me to never give up on my dreams. The story is about Tsubasa Ozora (I even wanted to name my son Ozora one day), a Japanese football player who dreamt to bring Japan to World Cup.

#4: Ranma ½
This is a funny anime. The story is about Ranma, who falls into a magic pond and turnsinto a girl when he is splashed with cold water. He will turn into a boy when he is splashed with hot water. That’s why, most of the time, he is seen to carry a kettle. Ranma’s father even gets weirder; he will turn into a panda when he is splashed with cold water. I love the story about Ranma and Akane (the girl he is matched by their fathers). They always fight, but I believe they are secretly in love with each other.

#3: Crayon Shin Chan
Who doesn’t know this anime? This is a silly anime about a 5-year-old boy name Nohara Shinosuke (normally called Shin Chan). He lives with his mother, Misae, his father, Hiroshi, his little sister, Himawari, and his dog, Shiro. He’s in love with Nanako and he can’t say no to Chocobi (some kind of snacks). He goes to Futaba Kindergarten with Masao (the boy whose head looks like an onion), Boo (the boy who loves collecting rocks), Kazama (the smart one) and Nene (the girl who always punches her rabbit dolls when she’s upset).

#2: Detective Conan
In U.S., it is called Case Closed. Detective Conan is an anime about a high school detective name Shinichi Kudo whose body shrunk when two men from Black Gang forced him to drink a kind of poison capsule. He turns into an elementary school boy and changes his name to Edogawa Conan. Conan lives with Ran (his childhood friend, who is also his lover) and her father, a silly detective called Kogoro Mouri. Along with Genta, Mitshuhiko and Ayumi, who form the Detective Boys group, Conan secretly hides his new identity. Prof. Agassa is the one who helps Conan by making new inventions. Even though his body becomes smaller, Kudo still reveals difficult cases. Detective Conan is available in movies (there are 14 movies so far, if I am not mistaken, and I've watched them all).

#1: Inuyasha
My number 1 anime goes to Inuyasha. The story is about a half-demon named Inuyasha, Kagome (a girl from the future), Miroku (a weird monk), Sango (a demon slayer) and Shippo (a young wolf demon) who tries to kill Naraku. Inuyasha has a demon brother named Sesshomaru (I love him!) who looks after Inuyasha’s sword, Tessaiga, because he doesn’t want his Tensaiga, a sword his father gave him. Inuyasha is available in movies (there are 4 movies).

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Hunt down your most loved anime scenes and set up them in playlist together. A tiny bit of rerun watching won't do any mischief.

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