January 04, 2012

My Pet Rabbit, GIZMO

I have always wanted to have a pet dog, but dogs aren’t allowed in my house. So I change my mind; I want to have a pet rabbit because it’s smaller and it won’t be too complicated to care of.

About two months ago, my husband and I went to several pet stores to buy a rabbit. Yet, all of the rabbits there were big. My husband told me that it would not be funny anymore to have a big rabbit, so he asked me to come to those pet stores the next week, in case there would be smaller rabbits. We came again there the next week, but still, there were only big white rabbits. Well, there were 3 small rabbits in the pet store at the Mall, but they were too expensive. So again, I had to wait for a small, cheap rabbit.

I thought it would be fun to have a pet rabbit, so I imagined having it. Until yesterday, when my father-in-law arrived from work, he surprised me with a small, cute rabbit in a cage! He said he caught that rabbit in the field where he works (he’s a cattleman) and brought it home for me.

Yaaay! I was so happy to get that rabbit. The best things are, we don’t have to spend any money for that rabbit and it looks like just what I wanted it to be; small and cute. We put it in a small cage now, but my husband said that we would buy a bigger cage this weekend. How great!

By the way, I name my rabbit Gizmo, just like that Gizmo on the movie (guess I am a huge fan of Gizmo after all). I don’t know whether it’s a male or a female, but I’ll find it out later. Gizmo likes jumping up in that cage (he tries to escape, I guess) so I need to be extra careful when I open that cage.

I took some of Gizmo’s photos this afternoon to show him (or her) to you guys.

I also read some articles about how to take care of a pet rabbit and yeah, rabbits need a bigger space to play. That's why I need to buy him (or her) a bigger cage. 

If you have experiences of taking care a pet rabbit, let me know, okay. I'll be delightful to hear it from you.

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