March 15, 2012

Travelling: Sevilla

I had two chances to visit Sevilla last week and last 2 weeks when we dropped Antonio’s mother and sister to the airport. So we used those days to have a small tour. We didn’t visit many places, though, because we ran out of time. Yet, we will absolutely return to Sevilla, first because there’s KFC (yaaay! I can eat crispy chicken!) and second because there’re two Asian stores (yaaay! I can buy chilies! Fresh chilies!!).

If you want to visit Sevilla, as usual, you can buy the tourism map in a nearby tourism center (I found one near the Cathedral and Real Alcazar). Or, you can also buy that map in many street shops. It costs €2.50. There are two worth-visited museums inside Plaza de España called the Museo de Arqueolόgico and Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares. If you hold a EU passport, the entrance is free. Plaza de España is better visited in the evening. There are people who rent bicycles and small boats, but they're quite expensive. Renting a bicycle costs €12 per 30 minutes (what???). It's better if you have your own bicycle, hahaha.

The entrance ticket for Real Alcazar costs €8.50. You will be given a map and you can visit the palace and the garden (I love the garden!). There are some guides who offer you their service, but if they don't speak your language, there is an audio rental there (don't know how much it is). There are actually a lot of beautiful parks in Sevilla, and I love them! They are so green! People normally use the parks for jogging (in the morning) or just spending time with their family. Lovely.

The center of Sevilla isn't that big, so you can actually visit the tourism destinations there on foot. There is Metro also in Sevilla and a tram. The Metro costs €1.35, though I had to pay €2.35 for one way travel (don't know why). There are also 2 different tour buses. I think it costs €12 per person. Also, there are many carts that will take you to different locations. However, of course, it's quite expensive, perhaps around €50.

Here are some of the photos I took in Sevilla.

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