March 17, 2012

Welcoming Fluffy & Roger Rabbit

I lost my pet rabbit Gizmo 3 days ago when he jumped out of the terrace into a neighbor’s terrace, but was getting dumped to a nearby field by that neighbor. I was still so sad the next day, seeing Gizmo’s cage was empty. There was even still some food he hadn’t finished eating yet.

Then in the afternoon after taking a bath, my mother-in-law called me and asked if I would like to have another rabbit. She has a friend, and that friend works to a man who has several rabbits in his house. That man told her that if I wanted one or two rabbits, I just needed to get them in his house.

Of course I said yes. My mother-in-law and I went to that man’s house and he showed me some rabbits. There were big rabbits, so I asked if he had a smaller one. He said yes and caught a small cute white rabbit for me. I took it home and named it Fluffy.

Surprise, surprise! Yesterday my father-in-law, again, brought me a rabbit from the campo. It looks just like Gizmo, with its brown-grayish fur, but it’s a lot smaller than Gizmo. It’s just the size of my fist! It’s so cute and I name it Roger Rabbit (because Antonio always calls Gizmo with that name, so I guess he wants to name this rabbit Roger Rabbit).

Both Fluffy and Roger Rabbit are still babies. They even still drink milk. I gave them milk every 4-5 hours, with an injection (but without the needle, eh! A pacifier won’t fit their mouths, hehehe). Fluffy likes milk so much, but Roger Rabbit doesn’t like it much. Antonio said that it might be because Roger Rabbit is a wild rabbit and he isn’t accustomed to drinking milk, while Fluffy, on the other hand, is a domestic rabbit. Roger Rabbit is even more active than Fluffy, and he is smaller than Fluffy!

I am happy I can finally have other rabbits, but still, I sometimes still think of Gizmo. What’s he doing? Does he eat well? Does he find new friends? I hope so. Antonio said that Gizmo will be able to survive because he is a wild rabbit. Besides, I am sure Gizmo is a lot happier being surrounded by fresh grass.

Now Fluffy and Roger Rabbit have become good friends. They always sleep in the same spot. I even believe that Fluffy really takes care of his small friend. Hope they like their new home.
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