May 07, 2012

50th Month-Anniversary

This morning I got a little surprise from Antonio. He had already left for work and I was sitting on the bed, ready to write on my Gratitude Journal. I was looking at my dry-erased calendar to find out what date it was when I read “Aku cinta kamu. 50 months together” written on the grid of date May 7. And yes, I have forgotten about it.

Today is exactly 50 months since I was first dating Antonio. We started dating on March 7, 2008, and we used to ‘celebrate’ our month-anniversary. So, every month, on date 7, we used to congratulate each other. However, we have forgotten about it ever since we got married because, well, marriage anniversary is more important for us now.

It was really a sweet surprise. Thank you, Antonio.

Happy 50th month-anniversary, Wapo. Te quiero mucho.

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