May 06, 2012

Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day in Spain. Here we celebrate Mother’s Day on the first Sunday of May, while in Indonesia we celebrate Mother’s Day on December 22.

I still remember my first Mother’s Day – when I first knew what day it was and why we celebrated it. I was around 10 – 11 years old. I wanted to give my mom a present, but I had only Rp. 500 (around 5 cents). However, this didn’t stop me. After school, I went directly to a small shop next to my school and bought my mom a present. I bought her a plate. Yes, a plate. An ordinary plate; transparent, small, and cheap.

I gave it to my mom. I said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!” and she opened my present. I could see that she was a little surprised when she found out what it was, but she looked so happy. She said, “Thank you” and I knew I had done the right thing. It wasn’t the price that showed my mom how I really cared for her. It was my sincerity and my purpose, a simple purpose, to show her that I did care and love her so much.

It now feels a bit weird to celebrate Mother’s Day without having a mother. I do miss her so much and I do wish to see her again. But well, I know that even though she’s not around for me to say “Happy Mother’s Day,” she knows I still care and love her with all my heart.

Anyway, Antonio and I bought Pepa, my mother-in-law, a bag for Mother’s Day. She likes it and that’s even a bigger present for us. What makes you happier than knowing someone whom you give a present to likes your gift?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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