May 31, 2012

Off to Belgium

So excited! Antonio and I are going to Belgium this Saturday. We’re visiting Antonio’s grandmother, who’s been living there for years, and his aunt and uncle as well. There will be so much fun there! Yaaay!

Now that I remember, this trip will be our first flight together. We’ve never been on the same flight together. Last 2 days we counted how many times we flew and of course, Antonio has flown more time than I have. He has flown 11 times while I have flown for 5 times only. Need to catch up, hahaha.

The best part about the trip is that we’re staying in Madrid for 2 days after the trip to Belgium for a bazaar in my embassy. You know what it means when there’s a bazaar there. YES! It means lots of Indonesian food! I really can’t wait to eat my favorite sate.


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