May 04, 2012

Spider Rabbit

Hopefully you guys still remember that I have 2 pet rabbits; Fluffy and Roger Rabbit. We always open up their cage in the evening so that they can run around and play. Lately, Roger likes chewing the furniture, especially the desk. He sometimes even hides inside the locker – don’t get the idea how he can even get inside it – and starts chewing the paper.

Last night, as usual, Antonio wanted to put the rabbits inside their cage, after allowing them to play around outside for few hours. He searched for Roger everywhere but couldn’t find him, until he saw a pair of rabbit legs hanging on the wall. Of course, it was Roger.

We still don’t get it how he could hang on the wall like that. I guess Roger is actually a spider rabbit.

There was sawdust under the desk. Yeah, Roger is the only rabbit responsible for that.

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