May 28, 2012

Teddy Bear Clock

I made this Teddy Bear clock last week for my friend, Natalie, who’s currently pregnant. She’s having twin baby girls! Horraaaay!

I bought the wood when I was in Cόrdoba, in a craft shop that was hidden somewhere in the middle of the city, hahaha. I’m kind of glad I found that shop because it certainly has lots of stuff for crafting, such as felt fabric, woods, paint, etc. I will definitely return there, though I hope I will still be able to find that shop.

Anyway, I painted the Teddy Bear myself using acrylic paint. I only used 2 colors; white and brown. To create the shading (for the different colors), I merely added more white or more brown so that it could create dark brown, light brown, etc. When it finished, I covered the surface with varnish then I made a small hole in the middle and attached the clock kit. I bought the clock kit in eBay, by the way. It was just less than €10.  

What do you think of the result? Pretty good for a baby gift, doesn’t it?
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