June 11, 2012

After Vacation

Finally I’m home. We went back to Spain from Belgium on Saturday, yet we didn’t go straightly home. We stayed in Madrid for 2 days to visit a bazaar in my embassy. The bazaar was great. I finally ate my favorite sate and bakso and they tasted like heaven, hahaha. We also managed to visit Prado Museum – it’s a huge museum, by the way – and I got my legs almost fell out since I had to walk for 2 hours nonstop. The paintings are  beautiful, anyway. Unfortunately, we aren’t allowed to take pictures so I can’t show you any photos of the paintings here.

I arrived home tired at 7.30 this morning after a long bus trip for 6 hours from Madrid. And yeah, you know what’s left after a vacation? Laundry! I have lots of clothes to wash, and not to mention the dried clothes left the previous week that I need to iron, and the messy bedroom, and the dirty floor, and… and… Well, basically I just need to clean up.

However, I don’t have my energy back yet though I have already slept for 5 hours (poor Antonio; he doesn’t have time to sleep because he has to work today) and I really feel terrible. I definitely need a nice warm bath.

I’ve got a long to-do list tomorrow. I need to go to Cordoba to get my Social Security card and I’ve got  a job waiting and a room to clean. Can’t wait.

[will upload the photos this weekend]

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