July 18, 2012


I am interested in talking about this topic because I saw a photo in my Facebook which talks about soulmate. What is a soulmate, actually? Have you found your soulmate? Well, to be honest, I cannot give you a precise definition of what soulmate is. Yet, I know that I have found mine.

My soulmate is Antonio. He is not only my husband, but he is also my best friend. Do you know that feeling when you can open yourself to someone and not feel ashamed of sharing everything with that person? That’s what I feel whenever I am with him. I feel so comfortable doing anything in front of him, even to the most embarrassing things like burping, farting, picking my nose or putting weird, crazy faces. I am comfortable of sharing anything to him, whether it is about my happiness, my sadness, my angriness, and my craziness as well. In short, he is like my own reflection that always reflects and shows me who I am.

What I like the most about him is not about his physical appearance or the things he has, yet the way he understands me. He is the one who could see me when I was invisible. He showed me that I was worth it and special. He made me fall in love with and proud of myself, because 5 years ago, though I could be proud of myself, somehow I was not able to really love myself. I hated being me because I believed I wasn’t pretty and worth it since no one actually loved me. And then he came into my life and changed everything.

He is not only my biggest supporter, but he is also my number one fans. He always supports me in everything I do and believes in me that I am able to do the best in everything. He encourages me to grow, but is still willing to catch and comfort me when I fall. When I got the job in different city, he didn’t say something like, “Don’t go. You will be alone there, and you are supposed to be with me.” Instead, though he knew I was sad because we would not be together, he said, “This is okay. We will only be separated for few weeks. Besides, this is your dream and you deserve it. Go and you’ll have fun.”

There’s no word proper enough to describe how lucky I am to have him in my life but thank you. I am so blessed to have such a loving, amazing husband who doesn’t only love me perfectly, but also understands me completely.

Thus, when you have finally found someone like mine, don’t ever let him go. You won’t know when you’ll ever meet your soulmate again.

Te quiero mucho, Wapo. Eres mi media naranja :)

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