July 30, 2012

The Gratitude Challenge: Day 2

I woke up this morning feeling so excited. It was because, none other than, I started my Day 2 on The Gratitude Challenge. On Day 2, I have to:

Use the alphabet as a fun and quick format for making a list of things for which you feel grateful. Share this list with your social network through email, a blog post or a Facebook or MySpace page.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Without further waiting, here goes my list:

THINGS I’M GRATEFUL FOR (alphabetically)

A  : Antonio. Thank you, Antonio, for being the best husband you can be, for loving me perfectly, for always cares for me, and for supporting and encouraging me to grow.
B  : Breath. I’m grateful for breathing because that’s what keeps me alive.
C  : Creativity. I’m grateful to have such creativity because it helps me to stay productive from time to time.
D  : Dreams. I’m thankful for my dreams. They make my life more colorful. Without a dream, I would have not known where to go and what to do with life.
E  : Earth. Thank you, Earth, for giving me a place to live, for providing me with everything I need; food, water, air, people…
F  : Family and friends. I’m so grateful to have such lovely family and friends who are always there to support me in good and bad times.
G  : God. Dear God, thank you for always guiding and helping me. I may not able to see You, but I can feel Your presence. I know You are always responding to me and giving me the best in everything.
H  : Home. Thank you for this comfortable place I can call home, that gives me shelter and protection, and a nice place to sleep.
I   : Intelligence. I’m grateful for my intelligence that helps me produce great ideas and solutions in life.
J  : Job. Thank you for my job because I’m doing that one thing I love doing which gives me joy.
K  : Kikin. Thank you, Kikin, for being my best friends for all these years, for every laugh and tears we’ve shared, and for every moment we’ve been through together. I’m grateful to have you as a friend.
L  : Life. I’m grateful for my beautiful life. Life has always provided me with everything I need. Life has always given me all things I desire. I love life, and I know life loves me.
M  : Money. Thank you for all the money I’ve been given throughout my life so that I always have more than enough money for everything.
N  : Nature. I’m thankful for the nature that shows me the beauty in life.
O  : Organs. Thank you, organs, for functioning perfectly and keep me breathing and alive.
P  : Parts of the body. I’m grateful for the parts of the body. Thank you, eyes, for helping me to see the beauty of the world and to see the people I love. Thank you, hands, for guiding me to write and to hold things around me. Thank you, legs and feet, for taking me to beautiful places. Thank you, ears, for letting me hear and listen to voices. Thank you, nose, for helping me breathing.
Q  : Qualities in me. I am a thoughtful friend, a loving lover, an understanding daughter, a fun sister, and even a friendly stranger. I have all the qualities needed to be a great person for everyone. Thank you, qualities in me, for making me the best person anyone can ever have.
R  : Rabbits; Fluffy and Roger. Thank you for my pet rabbits because, even though they like messing up things, they make me laugh with their witty behavior.
S  : Senses. I’m thankful for my senses because I can see, smell, hear, touch and taste.
T  : Talent. Thank you for my talent. I used to believe that I was born without a talent, until I realized that I can write. My talent has helped me to share my stories and inspire other people.
U  : Uniqueness. I was born different. But I am not different – I’m unique. And I love it.
V  : Visualization. I’m grateful for having such imagination so that I can always have precise visualization of the circumstances I desire, which helps me to manifest my dreams quickly.
W : Wisdom. I am lucky enough to experience various situations in my life. They help me grow. And as I grow, so does my wisdom. I feel that I am a lot wiser than most people at my age. Thanks, wisdom, for always showing me which way to choose.
X  : X-traordinary personality. I always consider myself unique. I am childish, but I can be mature if needed. I am crazy, but I am friendly. I may look arrogant and introvert when people first see me, but once they’ve known me, they’ll find out that x-traordinary personality I have. I’m grateful for being born this way.
Y  : Yummy food I always eat. I’m grateful for the yummy food I always eat that keeps me energized and healthy so I can always do my activities well.
Z  : ??? (can’t find a word to be grateful for that starts with Z. Zoo? Zipper?)

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