August 23, 2012

The Gratitude Challenge: Day 18

For the past three days, you have been focused on appreciating what makes you unique. Write about all the things that make you so lovable. Take a moment to appreciate your personal style, talents and charm.

That’s what I need to do on Day 18. Pretty fun, huh? So, I have to write the things that make me so lovable… [thinking]…

To start, what makes me lovable is my uniqueness. People think I’m funny – and weird. Yeah, I’m a humorous person. I am wise, too, and I am a good advisor. I think I should be a life coach because I like helping people solving their problem, or just making them feel better. I have a great personality. I am fun to befriend with. I am thoughtful. I care about my family and friends, also the people around me.

What do you think makes me lovable? 

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