August 24, 2012

The Gratitude Challenge: Day 19

There are 3 more days before my Gratitude Challenge finishes. Today is Day 19, and what I have to do is:

Have confidence in all the choices you have made today and be grateful for being able to believe in yourself.

I’m grateful for being me. I’m grateful for the faith I have always had since I was just a little girl. I have always believed that whatever it is I want, I will definitely manifest it. I believed in myself even when people told me, “You won’t go to Spain.” Look at where I am right now. I am in Spain and I even live here. I believed in myself even when people told me, “It’s difficult for you to be an English teacher in Spain because you’re not a native speaker.” Look at where I work now. I am an English teacher in Spain. I know it was hard to achieve it, after lots of interviews and tons of CVs sent. Yet, I managed to achieve it because I had faith in me.

I’m really grateful for having such great faith in me. I believe I can be, do and have anything I desire. 

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