August 16, 2012

The Secret Story

You have probably known that I am a huge fan of The Secret. When I was down and feeling like I needed some motivations and inspirations, I liked dropping by on TheSecret website and reading some of the stories there. Those stories always lift up my spirit and faith to some extend that I will believe in myself that I can get, be and do anything I desire.

One day I decided to write a story to The Secret with a hope that my story can inspire other people as how the other stories have successfully inspired me. I sent my story in June and I completely forgot about it.

Few weeks ago someone I didn’t know sent me a message to my Facebook saying that she read my story on The Secret website and was inspired by it. That’s when I knew my story has been published. I directly opened the website and scrolled down the stories. And there it was, my story – I’m Living My Dreams – and there were already some comments. I read the comments and people thanked me for posting the story because it inspired them and gave them faith and hope.

More people sent me private messages, either to my Facebook or email. I am tremendously happy. I know my story is just a piece of writing, but I really want other people to believe that they too can get anything they desire. I hope that there will be more readers who get inspired by it. It feels great to help others. 

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