January 07, 2013


If you asked me how it felt like to be 27, I wouldn't know.

Today is my first day being 27. It feels incredible, actually. I have experienced abundance of great things when I was 26. I have accomplished most of my dreams when I was 26 and now I feel like I can hold the world in my hands. 

I'm really grateful for all the things I received when I was 26. I got a job, the job that I had been waiting for 2 years. I got new friends. I lived in my own apartment with my husband and other tiny small wishes that finally came true. In short, I'm grateful for having a chance to be 26. 

Being 27 for me is about maturity and wisdom. I realize that I have grown up to be such a mature (from the inside) and wise person. My past experiences have taught me so and I'm thankful for them because they are the ones that make me strong and capable of doing anything. I just love being me.

On my first day of being 27, I have already got a dream came true. My husband gave me a laptop for my birthday and guess what, it was the laptop I always wanted to have! I didn't realize it until last night when I was about to put my Dream Board on the wall. And there it was, a picture of a laptop I wanted; the same brand, the same name, just different color. I showed it to my husband excitingly.

It's indeed a great experience to start my being 27. I can't wait what this year will bring, though we also have bad news; my husband's grandmother passed away this morning. It was kinda strange because last night I had a dream that she passed away. Everyone cried and when I woke up in the morning, I tried to think whether it was real or just a dream.

In my country, we believe that people who are about to die always say goodbye to those they care about. I think my dream is a way my husband's grandmother tells me that she's leaving. I know she's happy already up there, being in the same place as where my Mom is.

May she rest in peace.

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