January 06, 2013

Join Gratitude Reminders!

This might be a quite long story (I've warned you).

Few weeks before New Year 2013, I was thinking of some of my resolutions for the next year. I was also reflecting what happened in 2012, whether I could finally accomplish all my resolutions or whether I still needed to work on the same ones. I was thinking and thinking until I came to a question; what can I do to make the world a better place to live? 

See, I would really love to help the world, to help others, or simply to make people happy just by being there for them. I thought about charity and donations, but I thought it might look complicated, especially if I didn't have enough money to donate. I wanted to do something very simple, but it would really help others to make their lives better.

And suddenly, the idea of inviting more people to practice gratitude in life came across my mind. Yes, I wanted to encourage people to apply gratitude in their lives because I knew that it had helped me to accomplish most of my dreams.

I was thinking of creating a gratitude campaign, in which I would make a poster, copy it and put it next to public places so that people would easily read it and, perhaps, be interested in applying it. 

But then I thought, it was too complicated. Besides, only few people would know about it. I wanted a lot of people to know about my campaign, and so VOILA!

I was thinking of creating a Facebook page, a Twitter account and a blog about my campaign. And yes, it is indeed a good idea because Facebook, Twitter and blog can reach more people, even worldwide.

My Facebook page is called Gratitude Reminders, while my Twitter username is GratitudeForYou. They talk about the same one essential thing; GRATITUDE. I encourage the readers to practice gratitude in their lives. I write about gratitude reminders daily so that they will always remember to be grateful. 

In short, I love gratitude and I love being grateful for everything. Gratitude has helped me a lot in fulfilling most of my desires and I want others to experience the same things as I did. 

My Gratitude Reminders is the simplest thing I can do to pay God and the Universe back for what they have done for me. I am hoping it will really help people to make their dreams come true.

So join Gratitude Reminders today and see what gratitude will do for you!
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