February 24, 2013

Fixing My Wrecked Life

Hi! Great to be back again. I've left my blog for quite so long due to my laziness and personal problems (please don't take it seriously).

I'd like to tell you what happened - and some are still happening - in my life. Some of you might experience the same things as I do, so hopefully this post helps.

For the past few months - basically after I started working - I lost myself. I realize that I am not the same person I used to be. In short, I wasn't happy with myself nor with my life and everything around me. I went home feeling extremely exhausted though I didn't do lots of things at work. I merely work for 6 hours a day - teaching - but I felt that it sucked all my energy and left me nothing. 

My personal life got affected as well. I was simply not happy. I found that I was better at the weekends when I got to stay at home, but when I had to start my working days again, I completely hated myself for going. I know you might say, "If you don't like your job, why don't you just quit?" I wish quitting my job would be as easier as you say, but it isn't. As much as I wanted to quit the job I thought was my dream job, I can't. I just have no power over it. My choices are remaining to work there or finding another job so that I can quit my present job. 

You might know me as a positive and optimistic person, but I wasn't myself. I even hated being me. I might look okay in front of others, but deep inside I couldn't lie to myself. Poor my husband who had to deal with me everyday because he received the effects of my negativity. I got angry easily and I felt like the world had treated me unfairly. I didn't even know what the hell was wrong with me until...

One day, I accidentally read about Chakras Healing test (free). I clicked it and did the test. I thought I did the test well and that my chakras were okay, but I was completely wrong. All my chakras didn't work properly. Some even totally closed. It shocked me because I thought I was doing just fine, despite my not feeling okay with myself. 

The test opened my eyes that I needed to work on myself. I am the law of attraction believer, but this law didn't work for me. I couldn't practice the law when I was being very negative, no matter how hard I tried to focus myself on it. Then, I decided to read more about chakras and how to heal them. 

I am still working on healing my chakras and I know that it takes time. I also read about Silva Mind Control Method and it does help me fix my life and get my path back. Many people still think that meditating  is a hocus pocus stuff and that chakras are nonsense. I don't care what they say or think. I want to fix my life and get it back, so I meditate as often as I can. I try to meditate at least for 15 minutes a day.

I haven't got into the me I used to be yet, but I know that I am on the way there. I know my life was completely a wreck, but I am willing to fix it. I am willing to change my life so I work my butt on it.

If you're not happy with your life and you want your life to be different, don't just spend your days sitting on the couch and crying about it. If you want to see changes in your life, you have to work on them. Do what you think are helpful to help you fix your life, believe that you can get the life you want and really - really - work on it like you mean it. After all, you are the one responsible for your own life. Miracles don't happen only by hoping and wishing them to happen. Miracles happen if you prepare yourself and work on them.

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Destiny said...

Yiihaaaa, you're back.... happy to see that you write again ^_^

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