March 01, 2013

5 Days After Fixing-My-Wrecked-Life Program Started

Hi, Guys.

Just want to update with the "Fixing My Wrecked Life" stuff. It's been about 5 days since I started my "Fixing My Wrecked Life" program - that's how I call it - and things have been going well so far. I don't have lots of stress or pressure as I did before and I also feel better and happier, which means a lot to me. Furthermore, I start to accept myself as I am and the circumstances around me as they are without feeling guilty or frustrated. It's been great and I'm planning to continue this program until I completely heal my life.

So, what I do every day are basically these quite simple steps; count my blessings, meditate and do creative visualization. I get back to my Gratitude Journal and I just write all things I'm grateful for in my life. I didn't write my journal for quite some time and yes, I forgot to be grateful. I also meditate every morning at least for 15 minutes. I try to focus on my breath and myself. It gives me such relaxing feeling. Lastly, I do creative visualization before I go to bed. I imagine the good things I want to happen and just feel as if they have already happened. I believe that my dreams are being unfold and that I get the life I've always dreamed of. 

Well, it's only 5 days and I still have lots of days ahead. I can't tell you exactly whether these methods work, but all I know is they make me feel happier and better, knowing that I'm walking in the right path. After all, miracles happen only when you believe in them.

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