March 19, 2013

Another Rain. Another Loneliness

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It's another gloomy day here. The sky is dark. The wind blows hard. Soon enough there will be raindrops every where.

Frankly saying, I've never liked rain. It brings sadness for some reasons. Whenever I see rain, all I feel is loneliness. Don't know why. I guess I relate raindrops to tears because when it's raining, it seems llike the sky is crying.

It's nice to cry in the rain, though. I did it once when I was a teenager. I was brokenhearted and completely disappointed. So I cried, under the rain. I needed to cry, so it felt great to be able to cry. No one knew, by the way, because it was raining and my tears just melt away with the raindrops.

Now, everytime it rains, I remember my hometown and my family. I remember my Mom used to sit on that bamboo chair in the garage, with her green jacket on, and wait for me to come home. When she finally saw me with my red motorbike, completely soaked, she would smile because she knew I was home at last. 

Oh, how I miss her so much. 

I guess that's why rain means loneliness for me because I'm feeling alone in this crowded place. Ironic, huh? 

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