March 10, 2013

Let's Write!

It's been quite a while since I wrote stories or novels. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I got the urge to write back. I don't have a target this time, unlike an other writing projects I planned in the past, which are mostly unsuccessful since I got bored easily. 

For that reason, I have decided not to plan anything this time. I am going to write because I want to and because I have the inspirations to write. No pressure.

I do hope to finish this novel because it comes from my own imagination. Well, I kinda hope to get the real experience like what my character has. Surely it will be so exciting.

I can't tell you what my novel is about - yet. I have only got 10 pages so far, which I started yesterday so I thought it's not bad at all. 

I will surely give you a sneak peak of it later because I need your honest opinion about it. However, unfortunately, it is written in Indonesian - my native language. I don't have the courage to write in English at the moment. Probably some time in the future.

More update on this 'project' later.

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