March 08, 2013

Bruno Mars!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnn! I love Bruno Mars!

Well, not the man. I mean the music.

Seriously, I think Bruno is an amazing singer. I love his songs. I love the lyrics. I love the music. And yes, Bruno is one among a few singers whose voice sounds the same live or in the CDs. I enjoy his music so much. I even play Locked Out of Heaven again and again because that song does make me move!

But, Man, when it finally comes for me to really want to see a music concert - because I am not a fan of concerts since I have this uncomfortable-when-being-in-the-middle-of-lots-of-people phobia - the tickets have been sold out! And the tour in Madrid is still on November 15!! 

I really can't believe it! It's still 8 months ahead and I'm too  late. Well, I can still try to get a ticket for his tour in another country, but I don't know. Flights, hotel...

I hope miracles come and his concert ticket will just fly on my lap.

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