March 28, 2013

I Know What I Want in Life

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Do you know exactly what do you want to do for a living?

If you asked me this question a month ago, I would say "I didn't." I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I didn't know what kind of job was perfect for me and it made me confused (and a little depressed).

It's not that easy to find out what we want to do for a living. Of course, people will want to do something that they enjoy doing and that makes them happy so they won't even call it a "job." That word brings a bit of negative effect because, I think, "a job" is an activity that we have to do in order to survive in life.

I used to want to be a sport journalist when I was young. I love writing so I thought being a journalist would be a perfect profession for me. I did try my best to be a sport journalist. I was in the final interview round with that famous sport magazine in my country, but I failed.

It's somewhat funny to remember how I was completely disappointed when I didn't get the job. I even had my long hair cut. 

Yet, I guess, things happened for a reason and there was probably a reason why I didn't get that job. If I think about it now, I would have not been able to spend my last days with my Mom if I had had the job. I would be busy travelling and reporting so the chance was I missed my Mom's last days.

I am a teacher and even though I enjoy teaching, I don't find it exciting. I don't think teaching is my "calling." I still love writing, by the way. 

After meditating for quite some time, I finally found what I want to do with my life. I want to be an editor. Yes, an editor. It's like something I know I am good at and will enjoy.

I am still learning how to be an editor, little by little, and I do believe that someday this dream will just pop up before my very eyes, like any others. It will be nice to do something for a living that you enjoy doing, that makes you happy and contented and that pays you well.

Don't you think?

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