March 07, 2013

The Story Began on 7th March

Today is a very special day for my husband and I - other than our wedding anniversary, of course - because today is exactly our 5th love anniversary.

7th March, 2008
It was the day when we declared to be boyfriend and girlfriend. it was rather strange to be someone's girlfriend, especially when that someone is a man whom I never met before. Yet, I was so in love with him and I thought I had known him for years. He made my days so much happier and I was just so happy to be his girlfriend.

7th March, 2009
The distance was killing me! We were still separated and the days seemed so long and gloomy without him. However, deep in my heart I knew we were going to be together.

7th March, 2010
Though we were still separated, I was excited because I started to countdown the day when we would finally unite our love forever. It was 6 months before our wedding and I could hardly wait for that day to come soon.

7th March, 2011
Our first anniversary together! I had moved to Spain and I was so happy to celebrate our anniversary together. No more distance!

7th March, 2012
Another anniversary together in Spain and I knew there would be lots of celebrations ahead.

7th March, 2013 - Today
It's our 5th anniversary! I can't believe how time flies. 5 years ago we were just boyfriend and girlfriend and now we are husband and wife. 

Happy 5th anniversary, Mi Amor! I'm so grateful to spend my days with you by my side. You make me happy and I want you to know that I love you so dearly so much. 

Te quiero.

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