April 08, 2013

I'm Going Home

The time has finally come; I'm going home.

It's 3 days left before I'm leaving to Indonesia for 3 months. 3 months? Yes, I was surprised myself when I decided to be there for such period of time. At first, I planned to return home in July after finishing my work here. Yet, things happened - my father is hospitalized - and I know I have to go home now.

My father fell of a tree - said the neighbor - and injured his shoulder. Also, he has asthma because he used to be a really bad smoker. The doctor said his lungs are terribly bad. 

My brother asked me if I could go home, though my father said I shouldn't. So, I don't tell him I'm going home and it will be a surprise for him. It's been 2 years since I left home and I'm excited to find out what's going on there. Surely there are some changes.

I'm also excited to meet my family and friends. There are a lot of stories I want to tell them. We can hang out together again, just like we used to.

On the other hand, as much as I am excited to go home, I am terribly sad to leave my husband. I never thought it can be this hard to leave him, even for a short period of time. I thought I would get used to be away from him because we used to have long distance relationship, but I was wrong.

Every day I countdown the time when I'm leaving, and each time as the number goes lower, I long to be with him. I miss him even before I'm going. I wish he could go with me, but there are things that make it impossible, like he hasn't renewed his passport, for example.

I was thinking about this last night when I got ideas on how to spend my days in Indonesia when he's not around. I think I need to get myself busy so that I will forget about his absence. I may probably take some courses and write. I can even work online during those 3 months. And I'm sure, without knowing it, the time to return to his arms will arrive. Time flies, anyway.

I really hope he's going back to his parents' house in Córdoba as soon as I'm leaving. I am honestly worried about him if he has to stay home alone. At least, in his parents' house he will get people to talk to and he will eat regularly. 

Well, I guess we're having long distance relationship once again. It will be fun; chat and Skype are waiting. Thank God we have the Internet.

Besides, distance means so little when someone means so much, and I know he'll be waiting for me to get back to his arms again.

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