April 10, 2013

It's Today

This is it. The time has finally come. I'm leaving home today. 

Excited? On one side yes, I am excited to go home and to meet my family and friends again. On the other side? Not really because I know for sure I'm going to miss my husband so badly while I'm there.

I guess I just need to enjoy my days in Indonesia. I can do a lot of things; eat my favourite food, go shopping (and it's cheap to shop there), watch movies in their original language (in Spain all movies are dubbed into Spanish), hang out with my friends, take courses (I'm planning to take graphic design course), learn my driving lesson book (oh yeah, I bring that book with me), and probably - just probably - take driving classes (so that when I take the driving classes in Spain, I won't look too stupid not to know anything).

Anyway, I packed my suitcase and printed my tickets yesterday. I also kept our books back in its box because my husband is going back to Córdoba and we're moving from our apartment. I cannot help him much, so at least I can help him with some packing before he brings our stuff back to Córdoba.

I will need to buy an Indonesian simcard so that I can have Internet access (and a phone number when I want to call my husband or when he wants to call me).

I'll keep my Indonesian travel update. See you soon.

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