June 10, 2013

God's Answer

You know, it's sometimes funny to know how God answers our prayers or questions. He shows us His answers through many different unique ways and we have to really open our mind up to be able to see His messages.

A few days ago, I wrote this post Pain Changes People. I wrote that post as a result of my anger and frustration towards people whom I thought were ruining my life. I don't hate them for causing me this unbearable pain; I just know I am terribly mad at them. I can't tell them how I feel because I don't want to create more problems. It's wrong, I know, because I keep planting this seed of anger inside of me. I feel so angry all the time and I really don't like keeping it inside.

Out of my desperation, I questioned God - again - why it happened to me and why me. I was so ready to change the person I had wholeheartedly intended to build; a loving, wise person. I was so ready to transform my personality into a somewhat cold-blooded, painless person. I was ready to be someone I had never thought possible I could be.

I guess God loves me so much and He loves the person inside of me, my personality and my characters. I guess He won't allow me to change into someone terrible. He wants me to learn from this horrible experience so that I can be stronger and wiser, so that I can help others who might have the same problem as I do. Besides, I am sure He won't give me such trial if He isn't sure that I will be able to deal with it. He knows I am strong enough to handle this.

And so, when I was fully ready to change, I got His message:

Beautiful, isn't it? It was something really unexpectable. I read it through the feed I got in my Facebook account from a page called Lessons Learned in Life (you must check this page out; there are tons of wonderful quotes there) and at that moment I knew I wasn't supposed to change for this unfavorable situation. 

I am so thankful for this message. Yes, God loves me so much that He won't let anything bad change the good person inside of me. I believe He wants me to soar and to prove them wrong. I know I can and I'll show them who's best.

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