June 20, 2013

Pretty Photo

The story goes like this:

I uploaded my newest picture on my Facebook account. I felt pretty that day. I had just got my hair done (hair spa felt so good), so it was smooth and silky. I had just bought a new red lipstick (oh yeah, it's RED!). I had put some make up on and I was wearing a black T-shirt and blue jeans. In short, I looked pretty nice.

So I did what most women do on the day they feel prettier; I took photos of myself. The photos turned out great. I think I shot myself in a good angel that made me look slimmer. I am happy with the results. I chose one photo, adjusted the colour and brightness a bit, and uploaded it.

And yes, I got many comments and many likes. Most of them said they didn't recognize me, that I looked completely different and pretty. Very funny, actually, because those who said it haven't even met me yet. 

But well, not all of the comments are good ones. There are some I-don't-think-you're-that-pretty comments, too, said by those who see me almost everyday. They said I looked different (but not in a nice way) and even called me a liar.

[sigh] If I were a liar, then the mirror and the camera had to be a liar, too. 

Well, I responded their comments in a nice way possible. I said, "Of course I lie to you all! The real me is a lot prettier than me in the photo." It turned out great, I guess, even though they still made other silly comments.

But I'm glad they made those comments, anyway. It kinds of remind me of who I really am. I may look pretty in that photo, but I will prove them (or anyone) that I am prettier in person. Every woman is pretty, anyway. 

Yes, those comments annoyed me, but I don't give a s**t to them anymore. I now have a reason to tell myself that I can be the me I always want to be. 

We'll see.

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