July 28, 2013

A Wish Upon A Star

{ Photo by Mike Blanchette }

It was an incredible night last night.

We went to the patio, looking for the horses and the donkey [they lived in a field at the back of the house]. It was dark, so we couldn't find them. Instead, we saw two bright eyes shining from the dark when we glazed our torch at it. I guess it was a rabbit. 

Unable to locate the horses and the donkey, I starred at the night sky. There were so many stars up there, beautiful stars. I saw some moving stars, too [Antonio said they were satellites, though he couldn't see them]. And just when I saw the brightest star that night, it came.

A shooting star! 

I automatically put my hands in my pockets and wished upon that star. It was amazing to see that shooting star at the same time as my husband saw it, too. I was amazed to be able to see it last night. It wasn't the time for meteor rain. It just happened, among millions of possibilities, we happened to see that star passing by.  He didn't make a wish, though. I guess he doesn't believe in making a wish upon a star. For some reasons, I do. I don't know why. I watch too many cartoons.

Do you believe in shooting stars? Will you make a wish when you see them? 

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