July 31, 2013

DIY: Hello Sign

Good afternoon!

What a hot sunny day today! The sun shines brightly it makes being inside the house feel so amazing :)

I made this Hello Sign today to spend my time. I'm going to put it in the entrance of our home. It welcomes our guests and shows them how full of love our home is [See those birds? They represent Antonio and I]. 

It's pretty easy to make. If you'd like to make this kind of sign, you'll need:

  • a canvas [mine is 50 cm X 20 cm]
  • a carbon paper 
  • a pencil
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brush
  • varnish 
  • "hello" design [I used Ms. Word to make it]
  • a picture of your choice [mine is those birds]


  • First, I designed the "hello" letter and the picture I wanted to use in my painting with Ms. Word. I adjusted the size with the size of the canvas. After designing the letter and the picture, I printed them out.
  • Then, I painted the canvas pink and let it dry. It dries quickly, so you may not need to wait a lot. After that, I used the carbon paper to trace the letter and the picture on the canvas.
  • The fun part begins; I painted the letter and the picture.
  • After the painting was dry, I layered it with varnish.
  • Voila! It's ready to decorate the entrance.

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