July 02, 2013

Hello, Spain: 9 Days to Go

It's official. I'm stepping my feet back in Spain in 9 days.

Whooo-hoo!! *jumping and screaming*

I'm so excited to get back to Spain. I can't say that I don't completely enjoy my sort-of vacation in Indonesia this year [but it's true; I don't enjoy it much], but I'm glad I return home. I got to know a lot of "interesting" stuff; about who my real friends and family are, what matter the most in my life, and how to stand up for myself. All I can say is... I've changed. I guess I'm not the same person I used to be anymore, though I hope I am a better person now.

Anyway, I tried to have a packing simulation [hahaha!] last night and it was a mess! Seriously, I need more space, especially because I have a pair of boots, a pair of ankle boots and a pair of peep-toes, seven packages of instant noodles [my fave!], some souvenirs, some other Indonesian food and clothes, and they are not yet all of them! I have a pair of wedges, two pairs of jeans, two jackets, one bag, my make up kit, shower kit... and many more!

OMG! I hope they don't exceed the maximum weight. At least I've bought a cabin bag last night, so I can put some other important stuff in it, such as bakpia [Antonio's request; must not forget], and [hopefully] I can put my wedges in [if not, then I have to wear them on the travel], my camera, laptop [thank God I have a small one], some chargers... *drooling eyes*

I've made a list of the stuff I need to bring, so I won't forget a single thing. I think I have to pack everything ready on Monday or Tuesday. And perhaps I will put my camera in my handbag so that I can take some photos during my travel. 

I'm going back home on the 10th of July. I'm taking Garuda Indonesia from Yogyakarta at 19:35, arriving in Jakarta at 20:45. My flight back to Spain is at 00:10 and I'm landing at 14:00 (Spanish hour). Antonio is picking me up and we're staying for a day in Madrid, mostly to take care of the recognition of my university degree and to eat crispy chicken at Pollo Campero [yaaaay!].

I'm so happy to get back to Spain after being away for 3 months. And I'm excited to start my days again, especially my new job. Well, it isn't official yet, but I do really hope [and believe] that I'm going to work in an international school in Torrequebrada, Malaga. Antonio and I have been talking a lot about this and we are both so trilled to move in there, especially because we're going to rent an apartment not far from the beach. And the fact that I'm going to teach in an international school makes me so happy because it's been my dream since I first arrived in Spain.  

Well,God knows what's best for me and I am sure He's giving only and only the best. Things always happen for a reason. 

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