July 22, 2013

Pancake for Breakfast

Good morning, everyone!

How's your morning today? Mine's pretty awesome ;) [Again] I woke up early because I needed to pee, then I went to the patio to have nice breakfast and saw my rabbits playing. Fluffy was every time sniffing my toes [don't know why], while Blacky was busy chewing a plastic bag. I guess he really loves plastic. 

Anyway, I had a little meditation but I couldn't concentrate enough because Fluffy started to bite my toes [duh!]. I managed to finish it, though. Thank God! Then, I cleaned the patio because there was sand every where, and I cleaned the kitchen, too. I start to get addicted to cleaning lately, I guess. 

After cleaning and more cleaning, I decided to make special breakfast for my husband. I made this pancake [though I forgot to put some baking powder in] and I decorated it with Nocilla [chocolate jam]. I tried to paint my husband's face on it. 

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