August 02, 2013

Craft: Fabric Bookcover

If you think sewing with a sewing machine is difficult, you are absolutely correct, especially if you are a beginner like I am.

I finally dare myself today to use the sewing machine to create something. I wanted to make a pillow at first, but then I thought it was a bit complicated for me. Thus, I decided to make this fabric bookcover.

There were times when the thread didn't want to cooperate. It did frustrate me. So I stopped sewing for a while and watched some tutorials in YouTube. It worked! I got back to sew again and this time, I did it nicely.

There are still some imperfections here and there, but I am proud of the result. 

It isn't my first sewing result with a sewing machine, though. I did sew a little back when I was young, in Indonesia, with my mom's traditional sewing machine [you know, the one that has manual feet pedal]. That's why it was a bit complicated for me to use the modern sewing machine.

I had fun when I sewed. I can't wait to create more sewing stuff. 

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