August 01, 2013

DIY: Journal Planner

If there's one thing I cannot live without, it's my journal planner. I am used to write everything in my planner; to-do lists, schedule, plans and even crazy pictures I draw when I get bored.

Since I'm going to start the new academic term soon, I need to have a new journal planner. It's somewhat difficult for me to find the exact journal I need, which contains all the details I want, so I decided to make a customized journal planner for myself.

Here's how it looks like:

To make the journal planner yourself, it's quite simple. You can use your wildest imagination to create the journal that really suits you. My journal is basically based on Ms. Word creation, in which I designed the journal using Ms. Word and then printed it.

You will need:

  • some A4 sized paper, cut in halves into A5
  • 3 metal rings [you can buy them in any stationary shop]
  • hole puncher
  • elastic ribbon
  • felt
  • laminated plastic 
  • computer and printer
  • I used Ms. Word to design my journal planner. I adjusted the margins with the size of the paper (A5). You are free to use your creativity to design yours.
  • After having my design completed, I printed it. Remember that you have to make sure that all pages go to the right place where you want them to be.
  • Then, I made 3 holes using a hole puncher and united all pages with the metal rings.
  • For the cover, I printed them out [for the front and back covers] and had them laminated. I don't have a laminating machine, so I used an iron instead [hahaha]. If you don't have a laminating machine like I don't, buy the laminated plastic in the stationary. Put the covers inside and put another paper [a bit thicker] or a fabric on top of it before you place the iron. The iron must be medium hot.
  • I decided to use an elastic band to "close" my journal. To make it, make 2 holes on the back cover. Place the elastic band [you can decorate it with a felt flower] and sew it.

  • You're done!
I put some quotes in my journal planner to remind me about life's greatest lessons. You can put any pictures or any quotes that you want, too.

Have fun with your creation!

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