August 21, 2013

Life without My Right Hand

If you'd like to know how it is life without a part of your body which you rely on so much, ask me. I've just sprained my wrist. 

It's a funny story, actually. I was cleaning up the house, washing the dishes, etc., when I saw a bottle of honey. At first I thought it was a bottle of used oil - until Antonio told me that it is honey, not oil - and I wanted to put it in another bottle where I put the used oil. The bottle cap was so hard, I couldn't open it. I guess I forced my hand too much and it hurt my wrist.

It was nothing at first; just a bit comfortable when I moved my hand. But this evening I found out that my right hand was swollen. Antonio took me to the emergency room and the doctor put a bandage around my right hand and wrist. She said it should be okay in 3 days. Hopefully.

It's kind of annoying, though. I can't do many things because I depend on my right hand for doing every day activities. I need to learn to be a left-handed person for some days, I guess.

{ It's the first time I got a bandage on my hand. Kinda funny }

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