August 02, 2013

Unofficial Pets

For the last few days, I have been enjoying time with my "unofficial" pets. Why are they unofficial? Because they aren't mine, of course.

There is a field at the back of the house, and the owner of that field leave his horses and donkey there. One day Antonio called me to see them from the patio and he asked me to feed them with some fruit. I was excited, of course. I brought some fruit and threw it at them.

They come near ever since I gave them food [Da! Of course they do!]. Whenever there is some leftover, I give it to them. Some days I give them cucumber. Some days I give them peaches. Other days I give them watermelon. Oh, I give them names, too. The grey horse is Cabayito, the brown horse is Brownie and the donkey is Donkey.

{ Cabayito and Donkey }

{ Brownie }

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