September 15, 2013

3rd Anniversary and More

Today is September 14th, 2013. It's exactly 3 years of my marriage with Antonio. Time does fly, doesn't it? We didn't really celebrate this special day since we needed to get back to Cordoba to pick up some of our stuff and the rabbits. We stopped by in Plaza Mayor to have lunch - delicious beef! - and to Ikea. When I asked Antonio what he has learned in these 3 years of marriage with me, he said, "I learned to make Rendang and to speak Indonesian." When I complained about his Indonesian, he said, "My Indonesian is better than the majority of Spanish people," hahaha.

Today is also marked as my first working week in the school. I learned a lot, definitely, and I needed to move faster, to develop a better lesson plan, to teach Science (hell yeah! I am now also a Science teacher!) and basically to enjoy my job. I love working there. Not only it has great working environment, but I also get to learn tons of new things. I found out that the teachers have been experienced to teach in schools, so it's like a priviledge to me to be able to be a part of them while I don't have any previous experience teaching at schools.

I am going to do the best and to give the best out of me. It wasn't easy for me to get there, so I mustn't waste it.

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