September 20, 2013

After 2 Weeks

Hey, Pals! I hope you are all having a great day today. It was very windy this morning when I went to work. The doors and windows were banging over and over again as I walked in to the office. As usual, there was no one when I got there (probably because I was the one who came too early).

There were interesting things happened this week, from teachers-parents’ meeting to “extraordinary” students. I finally got my laptop this week. I had been waiting for it for the last few days because I needed to print my materials. I couldn’t print them using my own laptop, so I am thankful I got one from the school. I decided to leave it in the office and not bringing it home because it’s kind of heavy. Besides, I can work with my own laptop at home.

During the meeting with the parents, the coordinator introduced me as the Science and English teacher. I don’t know why I ended up being a Science teacher when I was majoring in English instead. Well, Science for Primary isn’t that complicated, anyway. So far we have been working on Living and Non-Living Things. And though there are some misbehaving students in my class, the rest of them are pretty nice.

I can’t wait to start the programs they have for the students. The school has exciting programs for the kids, such as golf, ski and camp. The bigger students even have more exciting activities! They will travel to Spain and Europe (and they are free to decide where to go) and to India for a humanity program. I wish I could go, too, if the visa thing isn’t so complicated.

Well, I guess I would be happy even when I could only join the skiing program. I hope I’m not that bad at skiing.

So far I’m happy being there. Yes there are a lot of new challenges for me, but I love them because I get to learn new things, too. The kids are awesome and my colleagues are the best. It’s nice to see different ways of teaching so I can learn which one is more appropriate for the class.

Hopefully the rest of the year will be great, too. Or even greater.

Have a great weekend!

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