November 23, 2013

Enjoying Life

Hi, Guys!

How's life? I hope it's doing great, just how mine is. As usual, I didn't have much time to update my blog - even though I'd love to share some more things - but I finally manage to just sit on the sofa with a laptop on my lap and write this post. Antonio is currently making some cupcakes in the kitchen. He is responsible for the dessert zone, hahaha.

Things are getting a lot busier lately. There are some events at school; observation, school excusion and substituting other teachers. It's tiring, but I enjoy every single thing about what's happening. In fact, this year I am responsible for the Christmas play we're having on the 18th of December, in which I have to write the script. 

At home, I manage to do an online course in Alison. They provide tons of great online courses. I have taken a course on Adobe Photoshop (you know how I love photography, so I need to learn about creating photography effects), and I am planning to take other courses. The ones I am interested in taking are Graffic Design and Diploma in English Language and Literature. I definitely need to set a schedule for both courses.

Meanwhile, I am currently reading this amazing book called Think and Grow Rich by Napelon Hill. This book is just so amazing that I recommend it to everyone. I even bought one for my husband, in Spanish. After reading the first chapters, I realized that I used the method mentioned in this book to manifest my biggest dream when I was a teenager. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to a long weekend next 2 weeks (Friday to Monday, yaay!). My parents-in-law are visiting, so we may go around the town and enjoy the moment. 

Keep on dreaming and have fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hello i hope i can go to spain one day and experience many things like you,do you have facebook/twitter?what about the language?did you take spanish class?for how many years?is there any speaking english region there?gracias:)

Dea Angan said...

Hi (I wish I knew your name)!

Thanks for stopping by. I don't take any Spanish classes. I learned Spanish by nature; meaning to say that I MUST SPEAK Spanish because my neighbors don't speak any English. My husband is Spanish and we speak Spanglish at home. I also learned Spanish from TV (Spanish programs with subtitles). I currently live in a region where I can find many English-speaking people. If you opt to live in big cities, people understand English well.

If you'd like to contact me personally, you can use the "Contact Form." I'll reply your message through my personal e-mail.

Have a great day! :)

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