November 02, 2013

Old Days

I know a girl whose boyfriend is a Spanish. In fact, I met her once when I went to Yogyakarta this summer. I saw her profile in Facebook today and I noticed that her boyfriend is visiting her in Yogyakarta. It's been a year since they met each other and they both look completely happy.

I suddenly remember the old time when Antonio and I were boyfriend and girlfriend. I lived in Indonesia and he lived in Spain. We were basically separated by 13,000 distance and we didn't see each other often.

Everytime he was coming to visit me, I got extremely excited. I planned what we would be doing and I counted down every single day until he arrived. And when we finally met each other... that feeling... it was an immense happines. I couldn't describe it, but the day we finally met was one of the best days of my life. Being able to see him in person, to hug him tight, to kiss him and to just look him in the eyes made me so happy. 

It's amazing how someone can make our days even more wonderful. I don't have to experience those days without him nearby anymore and I am truly grateful for that. Being able to be with him and to see him everyday are the greatest life gift.

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Muthelo Khakhathi said...

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