December 29, 2013

Blog New Look and New Name

I’ve been writing on this blog for a couple of years. Dea Angan has been the name of my blog. The fact that I named my blog after my own name really reflects my identity and personality, letting you know who I really am.

People say New Year is the best time to make a change, and I’m doing it. By January 1st (hope so), I will be having a complete different look on my blog. It’s going to have a different name, too. Don’t worry; everything else will remain the same.

I currently take crafting more seriously. Thus, you will find more of my crafts creations, DIY's and other craft inspirations in this blog. You may also notice that I will post in 2 languages – English and Spanish – in some blog posts. Simple reasons, actually; I’d like to engage more readers, especially Spanish ones. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t find a lot of Spanish craft blogs in Spain. And since I live in Spain, I would love to be one of those who crafts blogger.

Hopefully you will enjoy my blog new look and what’s inside it, and find it useful and inspiring.

Have a wonderful holiday!

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